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Are you looking to buy dental insurance? Having the best low cost dental coverage is essential to maintaining your oral health. Read over these dental insurance basics and you’ll have the information you need to make a smart decision on the best company and most affordable policy. Compare your options carefully and once you have found the right deal for you, apply for dental insurance quickly and easily online.

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Types of Dental Insurance Plans

There are a few types of dental coverage options that you will come across when you are ready to buy dental insurance. The first type of plan is called individual dental insurance. This option allows you to choose your own family dentist. When you receive care, the dental office will send a bill to the insurance company and they will pay the provider on a per-service basis.

The second is called a Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO). With this type of plan members choose a general dentist that is part of a network of providers. The dentist will take care of all of your regular dental needs. If special care is needed he or she will refer you to a specialist, such as a dental surgeon. Since all of the dentists you see will be part of the DHMO network, you will only pay a pre-set co-pay fee. A DHMO is usually the cheapest option for most people.

The third type of dental coverage is called the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). This type of plan allows more flexibility than a DHMO. With a PPO you can choose from a wider variety of dentists and you have the freedom to see any specialist within the PPO network. Insurance companies pay PPO providers on a per-service basis, just like with a DHMO. But PPO providers are compensated at higher rates. As long as you have a dental insurance plan, you will receive a discount price on the cost of your care.

When searching for the right company and a cheap plan, you should first make sure the insurance company you choose has a physical address and phone number and not just a P.O. Box. This is one way to verify if a company is legitimate. Once you have chosen a company, find out what specific procedures they cover and what they don’t. After you’ve done your research and before you buy dental insurance, be sure there are dentists in your local area that accept the plan you would like. You should be able to get a list of providers from the insurance company.

The Importance of Dental Care

Did you know that good oral hygiene promotes overall good health? Dental care does not just involve cleaning your teeth and filling cavities. It also covers caring for your gums and all the parts of your mouth. This helps to prevent gum disease, tooth decay, and other potential problems. The health of your teeth, gums, and mouth is directly related to the health of your heart and arteries. Poor oral health is also connected to diabetes, lung disease, high birth weight, premature births, and even stroke.

Age also plays a factor in the types of dental problems you may have. For infants, it is important that they are not exposed to the antibiotic tetracycline. This medicine can cause a baby to have tooth discoloration. When a baby starts teething they should have their teeth brushed and flossed regularly. By the time a child becomes a toddler they should be on your dental insurance plan and begin visiting the dentist regularly.

During teenage years it is important to discourage children from consuming too much sugar and from getting oral piercings. Sugar heightens the risk of cavities and piercings can increase the risk of infection in the mouth. As adults it is important to watch for signs of gum disease in addition to getting regular dental care.

There are five easy steps you can take to make proper oral care easy. First, brush your teeth at least twice a day with an American Dental Association approved fluoride toothpaste. Second, floss everyday. It is best to floss after each meal. Third, limit your intake of sugary foods and drinks. Fourth, buy dental insurance that meets your needs. Fifth, visit the dentist every six months for check-ups and cleanings. By following these easy steps you will help prevent gum disease, oral cancer, dental emergencies, and loss of teeth. And with proper care and top quality dental insurance, your oral health will benefit and your teeth will last a lifetime.

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